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Cyprus Past and Present

History of Cyprus


Memories Past and Present of Cyprus


With history and culture enticing visitors from near and far to explore each and every corner of Paphos - Pafos, times past and present are now the focus of attention, albeit with a cool modern twist to an old town that has been brilliantly revamped. With the renovated Hani of Ibrahim (Ibrahims Khan) standing proud at the centre of it all with contemporary architectural features accentuating the old brickwork, we give you three great reasons for all holidaying visitors to check it all out.

Ancient temples, rock-cut tombs and Roman villas with elaborate mosaic floors all reflect the highly sophisticated societies which inhabited Paphos - Pafos in the past. With a long history dating back more than eight thousand years, the Paphos town offers a wealth of treasures for the visitor to this region of Cyprus. From the Stone Age through Hellenistic and Roman times to the Byzantine era, many of Paphos - Pafos ancient monuments are included in UNESCOs Global Heritage List.


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  Traditional dress   Disbanded house   Varfos old hotels   Cyprus shops   Limassol house   Olde house  
  The Greenline of Cyprus   Troodos of Cyprus   Goat farm in Cyprus   Pahos dig in Cyprus   Older images of Paphos Cyprus   older images of Paphos in Cyprus  
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