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Fishing in Dams and Sea Fishing in Cyprus

Sea Fishing Paphos

Freshwater Fishing

Fishing in Cyprus
Fishing in Paphos. Sea Fishing. Freshwater fishing. Sea Fishing or freshwater fishing in Cyprus. Fishing is a very popular leisure in Cyprus as the country has a number of very well stocked reservoirs as well as exotic species in the Mediterranean sea around Cyprus coast.

Freshwater Fishing:

Cyprus has over 20 reservoirs open to anglers and most are well stocked with a variety of fish. These very well stocked reservoirs contain more than 15 species of freshwater fish, including trout, largemouth bass, catfish, carp, pike, perch, and roach. Just get your license, a rod and reel and enjoy a days freshwater fishing.

Yermasogeia Reservoir Dam:
This dam is located approximately 10 minutes drive from Limassol and offers freshwater species of silver bream, carp, grey mullet and several other species.

Asprogremmos Reservoir Dam:  
This dam is the reservoir to Paphos and holds freshwater species of bass, catfish and trout among several others and is one of the largest dams in Cyprus.

The Cyprus Freshwater Angling Association: 
is a non-profit organisation with a particular focus on protecting dams and preventing illegal fishing. As well as a list of reservoirs and other information, they publish a page of contact details for nearby police stations and Fisheries Department Offices for licenses and general information.  

Freshwater fishing licenses
Sport fishing in Cyprus reservoirs and dams is regulated by the government. It is necessary to have a license to
fish. It is possible to buy a fishing license online via the Web Portal of thee Republic of Cyprus. Licenses can also be obtained at the fisheries department offices of the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research.
Licenses are personal and they are non-transferable. They are only issued to people over 12 years of age. A fee can either be paid to fish in a single reservoir, or a higher rate can be paid to access all reservoirs. All licenses expire on the 31 December of the year in which they are issued. Short-term group licenses are available.

Freshwater fishing regulations
Anyone fishing in Cyprus must adhere to fishing regulations which apply to the following:
Fishing hours: daylight only, including an hour before sunrise and the hour after sunset

Fishing methods: single rod, line and hook per license holder; no fishing aids or chemicals
Fishing location is from dam banks only
Catch limit: There is a catch limit per species
Size limit: There is a size limit per species
Bank protection: Bank-side soil and plants are protected and includes a limit on the use of vehicles

Note: fishing regulations often change depending on environmental factors. The rules above are only an overview. Please request more detailed information regarding all restrictions and regulations from the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research.

Fishing is forbidden in a reservoir, even to holders of valid licenses, until it has been declared open by the Director of the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research. Information on reservoirs, their locations, opening dates and times, restrictions and other useful information is provided by the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research.

Sea Fishing

The sea around Cyprus is home to more than 250 species of fish, including snapper, amberjack and tuna, carp, bass, Sea Fishing, Shore fishing, freshwater fishing, Charter fishing, Carp, Tuna, Bass, Sharks, Cyprus Boats can be rented at fishing shelters and stations.

Sea fishing licenses

No license is needed for: Sea angling Fishing with vertical lines Trolling

However a license is required for
Spear fishing (illegal in swimming areas marked with red buoys)
Fishing with long-lines and traps
Fishing at night with spear guns
Any kind of commercial fishing

License holders must adhere to the restrictions, which regulate the equipment that may be used and the allowed days to fish and, in certain cases, the allowable catches for each fishing outing.

Licenses are available online or in-person from the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research (DFMR)

Head Office of Department of Fisheries and Marine Research (DFMR)
101, Vithleem Street
1416 Nicosia
Telephone: 00357 22.807868
 Fax`:  22.775955

Spear fishing
The Web Portal of the Republic of Cyprus offers the ability to buy a spear fishing license. For up-to-date information on the conditions of spear fishing, it is recommended to directly contact the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research. (DFMR):

Note: It is only possible to spearfish when free diving. No scuba tanks may be used.


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